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If you are thinking about buying a brand new lightweight vacuum sweeper, the issue can pop up; Should you buy a lightweight upright or canister vacuum cleaner that has a paper liner, or select a vacuum cleaner that is bagless? This might assist you come to a decision.

In the beginning all vacuums were without a bag. just about all vacuums merely used a cloth bag to enclose the dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaners leaked particles and odors, however they were much better than owning nothing at just about all. Then bags were introduced to dramatically cut down on the dirt. The paper liners were a great improvement because they cut down on the odors kept in the cloth outer bag, and the filth and dirt could be thrown away without a dirt cloud forming over the vacuum cleaner.

About 1985 the bagless lightweight upright or canister vacuum cleaner became accepted. Originally, without a bag vacuums had a definite benefit over with a bag vacuums. The HEPA filtration system that nearly all bagless vacuums use stops almost nearly all the dust and odors from leaking out the lightweight upright or canister vacuum cleaner exhaust. The good news was that the HEPA filters stopped dust from spewing out. The bad news is that the clogged up fast. They blocked quicker if the air contained elevated humidity or if you were sucking up pet hair. The dog and cat dander sticks to the filter and slows air flow. The slowing air flow is also the thing that cooled the motor. The motors in bagless vacuums tend not to last as long as bagged vacuums on account of this restricted airflow to the motor in bagless vacuums.

The two primary factors people ask us about bagless vacuum cleaners is: 1) They want to save money on liners, or 2) They want less dirt. Without a bag vacuum cleaners need a HEPA filtration system to contain the dust. These filters are pretty efficient. They also should be changed not less than once a year (more often if you have young children or pets) and, they aren’t low-cost, $29 – $59 each. It is not possible to spend as much for paper liners. High filtration paper liners should cost you a dollar or two apiece. You will throw away not as much money on the bags than for the without a bag filters, even if you replace the paper bags habitually.

Less dust? Do you own waste cans at home? Do you use garbage can liners? Why? Because it’s much more hygienic when you throw out the bag instead of dumping the can with all the dust being thrown into the air. Mainly high end vacuum cleaners now utilize micron filtration liners along with a HEPA filtration system at the exhaust of the lightweight upright or canister vacuum cleaner. The micron filtration bags offer exceptional filtration, and they don’t clog up and restrict airflow like the HEPA filters in bagless vacuum cleaners. The HEPA filter at the exhaust takes much longer to get filthy because the dirt is trapped in the high filtration paper bag.

Less pricey vacuums are practically all without a bag. The profit is in the filters, not the disposable vacuum sweepers. The higher end vacuums almost practically all use high quality inner bags and filters.

If you have animals, the family pet dander is what sticks to the without a bag HEPA filters. We also urge to dog and cat owners that they use a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a charcoal filter to trap and neutralize the dog and cat odors. Also, natural fiber brushes on your vacuum cleaner’s roller brush will not trap the pet hair in the roller brush.

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