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Vacuum cleaners share a lot in common. All vacuums have a cord, a place to hold the dust and dirt, and they are either pushed or pulled across the carpet. But there are a few features that will make your vacuum cleaner easy to push, and pick up the dirt far more effectively than most.

On your next vacuum, look for a metal motor of high quality. Have you ever seen an old vacuum cleaner that lasted over 30 years? The reason these vacuum lasted so long is that they were made with a metal motor inside. Metal motors don’t retain heat like plastic motors The metal motor will run cooler than a cheaper plastic motor on most current models.

Most people that buy bagless vacuum cleaners go back to vacuums with bags the next time they buy. The least expensive vacuum cleaners tend to be bagless The HEPA filters need to be changed at least once a year, and more often if you have indoor pets. You’ll find that it costs more for the filters than buying bags You put bags in your trash cans to keep the inside clean and to make disposal more sanitary. It’s the same with vacuum cleaner bags. They not only keep the inside of the vacuum cleaner …well, cleaner. They also are cleaner when you dispose of them.. There is always a puff of dirt when you dump a bagless vacuum cleaner’s dirt canister.

Using HEPA filtration bags in your vacuum will make the vacuum far cleaner when you throw out the bag. This way you can be sure that your vacuum cleaners is leaking practically no dust, and the machine is keeping clean as well. Make sure you get a dozen extra bags or more when you purchase your vacuum. This way you will not run out as soon. And most bags are cheaper if you buy them in larger packs. See if there is a discount if you buy bags in larger quantity.

Buying from a dealer who services what they sell has real advantages. Buying locally from a specialty store selling vacuum cleaners will usually give you the best selection. The owners also know quite a lot about what they sell and can answer your questions. Lot’s of people buy vacuums from a big box store, only to find out later that bags and filters are impossible to find locally. Most big box stores do not service what they sell, or offer parts for service

Find your local vacuum cleaner specialty store online or find one in the print Yellow Pages.

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