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Well-known worldwide for its efficiency, toughness and matchless cleaning performance, the TriStar Mg™ Series is well constructed to make your vacuuming work much more fun and even more effective. The Mg™ Series gives continous power, featuring the revolutionary cyclonic action. This total airflow method separates the dirt and pet hair from the airflow, consequently improving the carpet vacuuming execution and extending the life of the inner liner and all metal motor.

Normal vacuums can sooner or later lose suction and strength because the airflow, which is needed for efficient cleaning, is somewhat or utterly blocked. In the everyday vacuum, once dog and cat hair and particles begin filling the bag, the air needs to be sucked through the dirt and pet hair, limiting the airflow and causing the sweeper to lose air flow and suction power. Because of our tested and proven cyclonic action, the dynamic motor of the TriStar Mg™ Series directs incoming air flow over the dirt and filth, continually blasting the back of the dirt bag clean..enabling full unhindered air speed through the vacuum. Besides when the paper bag is full up, the airflow and needed power are unaffected. There is no sizeable reduction in air flow because air flow streams over the dirt and debris versus through it. That method is identified as Cyclonic Action and is the method that makes the Tri-Star unique.

But don’t vacuum cleaners create inside air pollution?
If you ever ask consumers about indoor air pollution, they near always speak about the air pollution outdoors. But this isn’t the single most important air pollution struggle you confront. The US Environmental Protection Agency studies of individual exposure to air contaminants prove that indoor levels of almost all pollutants are often 200%-500% higher than their outdoor levels.

Serious sensitivity may very well be the most pervasive health difficulty with internal air quality in families. These are often associated with pollen, dust mites, and family pet dander. In actual fact pet dander provides a high percentage of the airborne dust particles in a home with dogs or cats that shed. Bronchial asthma might also be agrivated by subjection to several types of interior air pollution.
Therefore the question should be “In what ways do we defend our families against contact with indoor air pollution?” Cleaning Systems like the TriStar Mg™ Series and the PureStar Air Purifier cleans and refreshes the indoor atmosphere. When used in concert, the TriStar Mg™ Series Cleaning System and the PureStar™ Air Purifier may well do away with as much as 99.97% of all hypersensitivity and asthma causing particles 0.3 microns and larger, such as from smoke, pollen, pet dander, and microbes.

The Tri-Star cleaning system is sold by in home sales presentation. And you could find one available at a neighborhood vacuum cleaner specialty store. But their vacuum hepa filter bags, parts, and vacuum filters from an actual retail business, or a local small business that additionally sells online. You will enjoy the best prices that way and also the people helping you there are in the main expert in what they offer. That way, you will get the exact part or paper liner you want.

To buy Tri-Star vacuum cleaner allergen filter bags, vacuum parts, and filters, just go to You can still see more about vacuum cleaners at

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